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We literally get hundreds of musician inquiries each year and we listen to each one. It's extremely difficult, yet we try to choose the best, relatively unknown bands we can find. Our friends and guests expect each High Land Jam to be different, yet one thing that stays the same is the quality of the music. Some bands come back, but we always have new bands each year. It's like a reunion of musicians. If you wish to play the High Land Jam, please submit through Sonic bids. It's a lot easier on us to hear you. Almost all of our bands are from Sonic Bids. Bands are listed by confirmation date only. See you on the farm!



HELL YEAH We're Still Here!
ZEN is an eclectic mix of musical genres brought together by four talented individuals who have performed together for nearly 15 years. The band has shared stages over the years with Blues Traveler, Keller Williams, Sam Bush, Rat Dog, Little Feat, and the Derek Trucks Band. With literally hundreds of shows under their belt, ZEN still captivates fans at select venues in the Mid-Atlantic. Formed in 2002, ZEN toured the East coast of the United States extensively between 2002-2008, then added to the roster the "All Together" tour culminating at Snowshoe Mountain (WV), where the group broke Phish's "longest continuous jam by a Jam band" – a 7hr and 46 minute record – with their legendary 20 hours of continuous music!

The host band of the High Land Jam, ZEN welcomes everyone to the beautiful Pegasus Farm for another Jam were we can be "All Together"!

EXCLUSIVE! Hear Bob Gross's tune "Pegasus Farm" with backup by ZEN


The Greens

The Greens: Playing together for nearly ten years, it's not surprising that name and sound recognition have taken root. At all types of venues, The Greens nurture a solid reputation of good music and good times.

With Andrew Tuck (guitar and lead vocals), Ben Sweeney (bass and vocals) and Nathan Yoke (drums, percussion and vocals) this experienced outfit plays more than 100+ shows a year. Writing original songs that audiences can feel and relate to, the Greens constantly impart new quality material. They guarantee consistent delivery of electrifying performances. Crowds cannot help but dance and make magic happen! A crop of devoted fans is sure to grow wherever the Greens take the stage.

The Greens! How can music taste so delicious?!


bones weedsley

Bones Weedsley

   In 2008 Rich Plumpton brought together members of several Clinton/Pattenburg, NJ based bands in an informal environment to play and jam the music they love. All of the musicians are extremely skilled instrumentalists, and have many years of experience playing a variety of styles. Bones Weedsley is a labor of love! The reaction of the audience at the first show was extremely positive, and the group decided to take it to a somewhat serious level. Gigs were booked and fans, (now known as "Boners"), were won over. All of the members come from diverse musical backgrounds which gives their jams an interesting twist and direction. The name "Bones" Weedsley was taken as a somewhat distorted combination of the other bands that the members are involved with. Bones Weedsley includes members of "Dyer Weed", "Jam-Bone", "Slee" and "Alligator".

A fictional character, Chesterwood "Bones" Weedsley was created to represent the nomadic and unpredictable musical journeys that BW embarks upon. You can find the "Bones" Weedsley group on Facebook for additional information and fan feedback



LITZ brings together a wide array of musical influences ranging from funk, jam, reggae, soul, to electronica to amalgamate a new sound for the ears of the world. Their sound strides to sonically transport its listeners to another planet free of the stress, struggles, and tribulations of modern day life through the use of funky horn riffs, wah-wah keys, pounding bass, driving/ progressive rhythms and melt your face guitar.


Caolaidhe & Meghan from
The 19th Street Band

If this band could be summed up in a phrase, it would be “old school”.  From their folk instruments (upright bass, fiddle, and acoustic guitars), to their approach to music and performance, they have followed the traditions of The Carter Family and The Kingston Trio while also integrating modern elements of Americana, Country, and Rock ‘n Roll and has built its fan base the old school way, one fan at a time. They play hundreds of shows a year, from backyard BBQ’s to honky-tonks to amphitheaters. Every time they play, their music and energy connects with a new person in the crowd.




"The InFormation", a Charleston, WV based band formed in late fall of 2008. Formed originally by lead singer and lead guitarist Curtis Chittenden and drummer Shane Durham, InFormation has gone through a few different lineup changes before they found the sound they were searching for. With bass player Roy Graley added to the mix of this trio, InFormation puts out an enormous amount of sound with amazing grooves and jaw dropping breakdowns that a listener may claim to have only heard from another great 3-piece... Rush.

InFormation has many influences coming from many different styles, which shows in their original material, in that they have no limits within genre. You never know what you will see or hear at an InFormation show. The band plays strictly off feeling and energy combined.

Today you can see InFormation rocking out in many venues in Charleston, WV and surrounding areas every weekend. They are constantly writing new material which keeps fans looking forward to what they might hear at the next show


Nameless in August

Nameless in August is a high energy folk rock quintet featuring everything from banjo to bass, to bootstomps and booze.  NiA performs hours of original music interwoven with spins on familiar covers. Thoughtful melodies and lyrics leave you connected while fun, up-beat organic grooves keep the crowd movin'. Formed 3 years ago, NiA is a native to the old steeltown of Pittsburgh, PA. The group feels at home playing everywhere from festivals to local venues around the US. With the release of their debut studio album in 2014, NiA is preparing to hit the road and spread their soundwaves to a venue near you.For more info, schedule, videos, and free streaming of the full album, check out: http://www.NiA-music.com and www.facebook.com/namelessinaugust

Allegheny Ramblers

The Allegheny Ramblers came to existence by the coincidental meeting of members Leon “Burt” Hart, Travis Holliday, Ryan Spangenberg, and Robbie Mann at the crossroads of Glenville, West Virginia. Through a shared appreciation for traditional Bluegrass, Folk, Old-time music and beyond, they have been performing for two years as a four-piece string band wandering the rolling hills of the Allegheny Mountains. Each member has accomplished over a decade of musical studies and continues to enthusiastically learn about the musical history and content of the eastern United States.

Hillbilly Carnival

Hillbilly Carnival
From California to New York to West “By God” Virginia, these musicians came together at the center of the Earth—after a long journey across the lands, barefoot, hungry and tired of being whipped by the vicious freak show manager. In 2011 they started combining a variety of their favorite tunes from Traditional Appalachian Old Time, Jug Band with a bluesy twist they call FREAK FOLK. And left that mean ol’ vicious manager.
The Hillbilly Carnival first got together at festival late-night camp fires pick’en and grin’n. They were noticed and invited to take their late night shenanigans to the stage. With their high-energy crowd participation of kazoos and more, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Once the band starts playing, it’s hard not to pick up your feet to their fun tunes. These freaks have jointly and independently shared the stage with fellow musicians Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Jeff Austin Band, Danny Barnes, Merle Saunders, Gutherie Govan, Jeff Sipe, Mojo Nixon, The Unknown Hinson, Al Schnier from Moe, Gordon Stone, Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Zach Deputy, Rumpke Mountain Boys, and many more.
So look for these HILLBILLY CARNIVAL Freaks at your next venue, bar, festival or camp fire. Because they’re coming, and fun’s coming with them!! Loren Coffman – Stand-up bass & vocals, Scott Coffman – Banjo & vocals, Stan Bumgardner – Fiddle & vocals, Josh Cannon – Mandolin, Travis Cannon – Guitar & vocals.


Mad Anthonys

Since 2012 The Mad Anthonys have been a fast rising and characteristically one of the hardests working bands on the east coast jam scene. Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and boasting an average of 100 shows per year including many regional festials, it is their hard work,kindred love of creating music and sprit of family that has garnered them excited,enthusiastic attention since their start. In the first three years they have shared the stage with great acts such as EOTO, Mike Dillon Band, Rumpke Mountain Boys, David Gans, The Mantras, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, and Big Something (to name a few). They opened a sold out show with Nappy Roots, had the honor of a full set sit in with Bobby Lee Rodgers (of Codetalkers, BLRT, Col. Bruce Hampton & ,ARU), had a single on the November 2014 cd sampler in Relix magazine and most recently were chosen to compete in the 2015 Rockn 2 Lockn contest held by Lockn Festival in Virginia.

Original songs with meaningful lyrics, searing vocals, intense instrumentation, and high energy improve jams with the occasional cover of a favorite artist's songs mashed in make for a different experience every time they play. The Madness continues into 2016 with no plans of slowing down. A new EP titled "Souls of the Animal Kingdom" and tour to support,a full length album in the works,and a summer full of festival appearances already booked,The Mad Anthonys are set to bring a raging good time.


In addition to being interviewed on Dead.net and topping the ReverbNation Rock chart in Winchester, Virginia for over a year, music festival magazine Appalachian Jamwich describes Threesound with "Grooves that make you wanna dance, smooth instrumentals and Sublime like vocals."

Threesound's shared love of music since middle school has kept them together through college and now they carry 200+ shows under their belt, playing with the likes of Kung Fu, Twiddle & TAUK.


Firecracker Jam

Firecracker Jam is a Mandolin Driven Swingin' Rockin' Jazzy Jammin' Bluesy Funkin' SlamGrass band.
Firecracker Jam plays a wide variety of dance music ~ from Jazz, Swing, Funk, Americana, Rock, Rock-a-Billy, Classic Rock, Alice in Chains, Grateful Dead, Phish & Pink Floyd. Their musical talent & ability is second to none!

Firecracker Jam is a quartet made up of:
Billy Berger - Mandolin & vocals
Chris Schmitt ~ Sax, keys & vocals
Steve Robbins - Stand-up & electric bass
Dave Hanowitz - Drums & vocals

They give a professional show to the venue and audiences! What sets them apart is the great time each member has while performing on stage!
"I challenge our audience to have as much fun as this band"!!!

The Plate Scrappers

The Plate Scrapers are an energetic string band out of Western Maryland performing their own intriguing and captivating originals as well as a tasteful selection of covers and bluegrass favorites.

This passion-driven quartet consisting of Evan Bell (upright bass), Brett Kretzer (Mandolin, Vocals) Derek Kretzer (Banjo, Vocals) and Andrew Jordan (Guitar, Vocals) draws influence from their wide background in music including folk, jam, jazz, blues, americana and of course above all, bluegrass.

In their relatively short time as a band, The Plate Scrapers have gained a reputation from their live performances as solid musicians who are sure to have you singing along right before they break it down with some serious picking.  Through their charisma on stage, it’s obvious that these guys genuinely love what they do.  That charisma does not disappear as soon as the mics are unplugged however; The Plate Scrapers are immensely appreciative of their fans, and show it by often leading them in all out bluegrass jams complete with beer drinking, picking, and grinning.  

The Plate Scrapers are becoming a more familiar name every day.  They have taken multiple tours building their fan base throughout the entire southeast US, and have supported respectable acts such as Larry Keel, Rumpke Mountain Boys, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Cabinet, and more.  In February of 2015, they proudly released their debut studio album, “Contact," which has since been featured on nationwide radio programs such as WDVX (Knoxville, TN) and WAMU (Washington, DC) and regional magazine, Appalachian Jamwich.


Minks Miracle Medicine

Mink’s Miracle Medicine is a twang-inspired Americana group from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Featuring the songwriting duo of Melissa E. Wright and Danny Zezeski, this duo is driven by a deep-seated passion for creating music, fueled by the knowledge that the song is king! The songs themselves become necessary to write, like a symbiotic process of sharing thoughts and ideas that cannot be expressed verbally, chasing them around for a while out on the road, letting them fly in different cities, different states of mind, and into the catharsis of the moment when it all makes landfall.

They played their first show to a packed house in a comic book shop in Philadelphia. It was the first time either of them had played to an audience that was fully engaged with the music and not just a drinking crowd in some bar – a realization that provided the impetus to take it further. Since then, they have gone on to play all over the United States, further indulging an already deep-seated fascination with steam engine trains and cross-country road trips. Citing influence from artists like Patsy Cline, Hank Sr., Neil Young and The Beatles, their sound is raw, earthy and smells like a long and winding road that weaves around an undeniable longing.

When they are not on the road, riding the rails or poking the muse, you might find them hanging out on the farm, gardening, riding motorcycles or hanging out with their dog, Grandma. Connect with Mink’s Miracle Medicine through any of their social channels to stay up to date on live shows, new music and stories from the road.


Herb & Hanson

The acoustic duo, Herb & Hanson, features two songwriters expressing themselves with little more than a guitar, a mandolin, and their respective voices. Based out of Virginia, these restless ragamuffins have performed for audiences from Alaska’s gold mines to California’s grape-vines. They’ve wowed crowds from the Great Lakes to the Carolinas; from the dry deserts of the southwest to the wet wilderness of the north east. Their voracious work ethic noticeably shines through as their vocal harmonies intertwine with their adept instrumental work to bring their original compositions alive to any able listener.

Herb & Hanson perform songs written and composed from their unique life experiences and the myriad of musical inspirations from Americana’s oldest influences. Incorporating the blues styles of both the Piedmont and Delta regions, the lyrical themes of the Blue Ridge hills, and the Ragtime bounce of America’s oldest cities into their songwriting and live show, this prodigious pair seeks to relay these traditions in a contemporary way for their audience to ruminate.



Karen Krajacic

Karen Krajacic

Leader of the harmony-driven duo Folk By Association from 2000-2012, Karen Krajacic is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, NJ-native, VT-resident, and Highland Jam frequent flyer. In May of 2013, she released "The Solace EP", a collection of 5 new songs plus a bonus track- the rerecording of fan-favorite "Penny in a Jar", which she wrote in 1999 and included on FBA's 2003's self-titled debut. Praised by Seven Days VT as "contemporary folk goodness", the EP has "a notable pop influence... while maintaining rootsy appeal" -read the entire review at http://www.7dvt.com/2013karen-krajacic-solace-ep .

Most recently Karen has added an unconventional Grateful Dead tribute duo/trio to her VT musical landscape, so Highland Jammers can expect to hear new originals, FBA throwbacks, offbeat covers, and selections from the Dead's eclectic songbook! More info at:


Mateo Monk

Mateo Monk

The music of Mateo Monk is beyond classification. It is a synthesis of multiple genres of world roots music, heavily informed by the spontaneous freedom of psychedelic jam culture. Mateo performs solo on the guitar, flute, synthesizer, and melodica, utilizing a looper pedal to create fully-textured rhythms, adorned with virtuosic melodic musings, all seamlessly woven into the song form in real time. It's a modern spin on the iconic idea of the "one man band", executed by a one-of-a-kind artist with deep emotional sensibility and dazzling instrumental finesse. Mateo has been performing for 23 years and has worked with many influential artists, including Thievery Corporation, Junior Marvin of Bob Marley and The Wailers, and members of the legendary reggae group Culture.

Good Vittles & Co.

Good Vittles & Co. are a high energy, ever evolving band that offers a wide variety of original music and genres ranging from old-school R&B, Soul, Funk, Folk, Modern Rock and Jazz.

The Vittles also enjoy including featured guest artists regularly to their Company, all with a Bluesy Vibe and a Spirit of Fun and Jive!

They came together in the spring of 2012 from many different paths to make sweet sounds in the mountains of West Virginia and Beyond!!



National Headliner

Psychedelic Bluegrass!!! The band is... Andrew Roulette on Mandolin/Dobro/Guitar, Leaf Geshwinder on Washtub Bass, and Mark Hudson on Guitar/Vocals


Steve Johnson

Steven Seth Johnson

   Born and raised in Elkins WV. Steve Johnson has been picking songs to feel good for over two decades. His songs talk to you, tell you a story about life.

"Mark was the first person to teach me guitar and Bonnie found me a voice" says Steve... (We affectionately call him Stevie).

"I would like to play for you and maybe give you a smile. Listen up if you like and I'll see you around."

Stevie Johnson

Sirkus Dayz

"Artists in Everything we do! We paint, We Draw, We Glow! We Dance with Fire* Lights We Hang in the Air! Costume Design, Acro Yoga, We ♥ making Art for You!"

Sirkus Dayz is a troupe of Independent Artists of all ages located in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, each with various backgrounds including Theater, Film, Music, Fashion Design, Electronic Engineering, Acrobatics, Dance, Object Manipulation, and more.

This all-terrain performance troupe brings unique talents together and lights them on fire for your enjoyment.

Their repertoire of performance “props” include both Fire, Led, and Fire-Led combinations. Hula Hoops of all sizes, Poi of many styles, Flags, Fans, Staffs, Jump Rope, and Parasol.