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ZEN has played around the block a time or two. Placing second in Relix's Jamoffs, ZEN also took away Phish's "longest continuous jam by a Jamband" award by beating Phish's legendary 7hr and 46 minute record by playing for 20 hours. Known on the Jamband scene, ZEN has played around the East Coast for years.

Hilary Murray

Hilary Murray- violin, cello and vocals
Fresh-raw-emotion mixed with eccentric energy and unique songwriting.  It's a salty sweet mixture of rock, jazz, bluegrass and pop diplayed thru vivid imagery, smoldering sexuality and impressive instrumental chops.  "Sounds so good it can make a grown man cry."

The Greens

("Good-Time Appalachian Neo-Classic Rock/Soul Boogaloo!") THE GREENS are one of the best bands you've never heard of. Hopefully, that will soon change! West Virginia, which is unfortunately NOT often recognized as a musical "hot-spot" (if it's recognized at all!), has been a good home to this unique and soulful group for over 5 years now. Positive things are finally happening. Even in a small college town like Morgantown (Go WVU!) lots of people are taking notice. Yes, the word is out: The Greens ROCK!!! This experienced professional band plays well over 100 shows every year all through Appalachia and beyond. At ALL KINDS of venues The Greens are steadily growing a solid reputation of GOOD MUSIC and GOOD TIMES. Now The Greens need YOU, and YOU need The Greens! Though the "power trio" IS blues/rock-based, a wide spectrum of other influences is present, a well-balanced mix of funk, soul, jazz, alt/country, old-time, world-beat, anything, as long as it's REAL! The Greens (not just the "Blues") always strive for timeless music that audiences will enjoy. We write ORIGINAL songs that people can feel and relate to. So, a crop of devoted fans is sure to pop up wherever The Greens take the stage. This band is GUARANTEED to consistently deliver ELECTRIFYING, SATISFYING performances. When The Greens turn on the ENERGY, people just can't help getting up and dancing and having an overall fabulous time. For these "career opportunities" we are very grateful and can only hope to continue to please crowds in the future. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you kindly... The Greens!

Cheryl Ann Hawk

    Graced with jazzy, percussive and dynamic acoustic guitar skills, rhythmic lyrics full of life and alliteration that float over intricate, catchy melodies, and a voice that saturates the senses with pleasures that can awaken, mend and nurture the soul, Cherylann Hawk has you the minute she opens her mouth, her eyes and her heart.  She is passionate and playful, sexy and sweet, beautiful and bubbly, graceful and groovy.  The music she makes is a magical blend of the styles of her influences including pop rock, jazz, folk, blues, Broadway, country and exotic rhythms.  Her shows attract an eclectic group of people of all ages and walks of life all devoted to the harmonious, honest and addicting sounds of Cherylann Hawk.

Momentary Prophets

    Masters of the hug and lovers of song and community, MPs have been on a 3-year journey that has been for the members themselves, remarkable and brilliant. The mission: Move you. Whether physically or emotionally, MPs want to move you and make you happy.

In July, 2009, their first full-length album, Sunflower, was released. The naming of the album has a lot of meanings but the most important relates to the role sunflowers play in the soil as ecowarriors. Sunflowers are one of the top plants for bioremediation, a process in which the plant sucks up potentially dangerous heavy metals in the soil. Sunflowers outperform maize and soy making them effective pollutant cleaners. Momentary Prophets hope their mission and tour will act as 'audioremediation.'

Momentary Prophets love you.

Dyer Weed
    Dyer Weed is a New Jersey/Pennsylvania band made up of six veterans of the Jersey/PA jam music scene. Specializing in original compositions, Dyer Weed's sound combines the song craftsmanship of the Rolling Stones with the improvisational skills of the Grateful Dead. Setlists never disappoint, as this band has a huge catalog of insightful and danceable originals that will satisfy even the most critical music fans. Dyer Weed is currently touring all over the tri-state area, while working on their debut studio album. You can hear Dyer Weed live tracks on several radio stations in NJ and CT.

Ivy Rowe
    Clear high vocals mixed with gutsy blues growls and unique songwriting > style echo a heritage of jazz,soul, and funk influence haunted by the > impact of clean lilting Appalachian ballads. Lifting up the songs is a > monster quartet of seasoned jazz/funk/blues players with a serious > groove. The blend is unique and original with a fresh take on the R&B > sound in this pop/soul crossover.
> Lynda is from Maryland, grown in the hills of Appalachia and the > shores of the Chesapeake. She has been working as an emerging > songwriter for the last several years and has performed previously in > the Riverhouse Concert series, the Shenandoah River Song Festival, and > with regional acoustic blues sensation Pops Walker. She has also > opened for national recording artist Bethany Yarrow, is a NewSongs > Academy member, and a BMI artist and publisher. She recently wrote, > co-produced, and performed in the aerial dance and music show > promoting social awareness, “Suite Earth”, which debuted=2 0at the > Baltimore Theatre Project in Baltimore, Md and the Wooly Mammoth > Theatre in Washington D.C in the 2006 Capital Fringe Festival. Her > debut album, Front Row Stare, was released in 2008 recorded and > mastered in Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles, California with a release > concert at San Francisco's Biscuit and Blues in December 2008. >


KEF is a five piece band, formed in Bethlehem PA in early 2000. Over the years they have developed a funky, earthy, bluesy style of jamrock.KEF is influenced by classic rock acts, including but not limited to the Beatles, the Doors, Led Zepplin, Neil Young and Pink Floyd. A KEF show weaves original music, improvised jams, and classic rock covers into the experience of live music. A KEF show weaves original music, improvised jams and classic rock covers into the experience of live music.


    Guta transcends most genres drawing from icons such as the Beatles, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, and the Grateful Dead, producing a groove and vibe of their own that does not allow you to sit still. Teddy Sablon, a true prodigy, has his own unique vocal style as well as incredible musicianship. Ted can hold his own on stage with any musicians performing today! PJ Donahue has a thumping, swirling bass style inspired by his idols Victor Wooten and Les Claypool. PJ lays down a bass line that puts the incredible "groove" in groove rock. Christian "Swine" Mara with his hard rock roots can drive the rock, punch the funk or simply add tasty fills with an ever present, steady meter. There are few bands touring today that can rival Guta when it comes to musicianship, performance and overall crowd appeal. The musicianship of this trio is only exceeded by Sablon's prolific songwriting. A breath of fresh air in a cookie cutter musical age!

Steven Johnson

    howdy. people tell me i play campfire music and it's true that i started picking around fire about 4 years ago in WY. i was borne in elkins town WV in 1985 and since have rambled all over. i keep my eyes half open all the time and don't care much for TV. i write a-lot of my music while running, i even like running through the rain. birds never wear watches and witches don't ride on brooms.

Second Draw

Second Draw \`sec-kund `dro\ 1: a second, longer, more satisfying “pull” off of good whisky 2: the musical distillate of core elements of American, jam band, bluegrass, blues and folk music. 3: Charlottesville, Va based musical experience comprising guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, and bass 4: second longer more satisfying “pull” off the jug of American Stump Music

Our repertoire consist primarily of originals written by Shannon Williams (banjo) whose songs are more lyrically based with flavorings of bluegrass, folk or blues and Rob Frayser (mandolin) who brings more mystical, rhythmic, jam band based elements to the group. The overall sound that emerges represents the raw distillation of these two varied perspectives. Throw in the full body sound of an accordion, fluid flatpicking guitar and solid bass underpinning and you can taste the good whisky sound of Second Draw!

Dominique Heinke

I don't know... Seeing as how incomes are likely to plummet in this economy, folk singers might not be so special soon. Besides, there's a ton of data that says that stress is bad, and I figure folk singers are perhaps less stressed than the general population. Perhaps the government should create a public-health singing program. ;

Tuscarawas River Band

Originally formed by a group of whitewater raft guides around the campfires outside of Buena Vista, Colorado, the Tuscarawas River Band has matured into a professional national act with a unique refined sound. The TRB is known to play catchy, original tunes, mix in a variety of popular music in their own peculiar way, and create surprising transitions between different genres of music. Armed with both acoustic and electric instruments, the TRB sound is a blend of bluegrass, funk, reggae, rock, blues, country, and traditional folk songs. Still true to the high lonesome sound of their acoustic beginnings, the TRB also explores the electric possibilities, in the process creating their own unique brand of mountain music. Backed by three part harmonies, a powerful yet versatile rhythm section, funky bass lines, earthy bluegrass rhythms, and the explosive crunch of electric blues guitar, the TRB always keeps audiences on their toes.

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