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We literally get hundreds of musician inquiries each year and we listen to each one. It's extremely difficult, yet we try to choose the best, relatively unknown bands we can find. Our friends and guests expect each High Land Jam to be different, yet one thing that stays the same is the quality of the music. Some bands come back, but we always have new bands each year. It's like a reunion of musicians. If you wish to play the High Land Jam, please submit through Sonic bids. It's a lot easier on us to hear you. Almost all of our bands are from Sonic Bids. Bands are listed by confirmation date only. See you on the farm!



ZEN has played around the block a time or two. Placing second in Relix's Jamoffs, ZEN also took away Phish's "longest continuous jam by a Jamband" award by beating Phish's legendary 7hr and 46 minute record by playing for 20 hours. Known on the Jamband scene, ZEN has played around the East Coast for years.

The Greens ("Good-Time Appalachian Neo-Classic Rock/Soul Boogaloo!") THE GREENS are one of the best bands you've never heard of. Hopefully, that will soon change! West Virginia, which is unfortunately NOT often recognized as a musical "hot-spot" (if it's recognized at all!), has been a good home to this unique and soulful group for over 5 years now. Positive things are finally happening. Even in a small college town like Morgantown (Go WVU!) lots of people are taking notice. Yes, the word is out: The Greens ROCK!!! This experienced professional band plays well over 100 shows every year all through Appalachia and beyond. At ALL KINDS of venues The Greens are steadily growing a solid reputation of GOOD MUSIC and GOOD TIMES. Now The Greens need YOU, and YOU need The Greens! Though the "power trio" IS blues/rock-based, a wide spectrum of other influences is present, a well-balanced mix of funk, soul, jazz, alt/country, old-time, world-beat, anything, as long as it's REAL! The Greens (not just the "Blues") always strive for timeless music that audiences will enjoy. We write ORIGINAL songs that people can feel and relate to. So, a crop of devoted fans is sure to pop up wherever The Greens take the stage. This band is GUARANTEED to consistently deliver ELECTRIFYING, SATISFYING performances. When The Greens turn on the ENERGY, people just can't help getting up and dancing and having an overall fabulous time. For these "career opportunities" we are very grateful and can only hope to continue to please crowds in the future. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you kindly... The Greens!


Fletcher's Grove is truly a big fish in a little pond. Widely regarded as one of West Virginia's most promising up-and-coming band, the group of five has used their Appalachian successes to pack a variety of venues and festivals along the East Coast. Fueled by their 2010 debut album "All The Way Home," the band effortlessly weaves funk, rock, and jazz influences into a completely unique, genre-free, and contagious sound.

Known for their high-energy shows, the band mixes pulsating bass lines, dual-guitar solos, and an eclectic percussion section that makes standing still nearly impossible. By maintaining a solid focus on perfecting musical intricacy and creating seamless improvisation, Fletcher's Grove has captured the imaginations of thousands in the Mountain State and beyond.

The five-man-band is made up of Ryan Krofcheck (Vocals/Ryth. Guitar), Matt Marion (Vocals/Percussion), Wes Hager (Lead Guitar/Flute), Taylor Pratt (Bass), and Adam Greene (Drums). Aside from the music they grew up on their musical education and degrees have carried them throughout improvisational jams and intricate song writing. Throwing in heavy jazz rudiments and a diverse array of instruments from the mandolin to the flute.

Dyer Weed
Dyer Weed is a New Jersey/Pennsylvania band made up of six veterans of the Jersey/PA jam music scene. Specializing in original compositions, Dyer Weed's sound combines the song craftsmanship of the Rolling Stones with the improvisational skills of the Grateful Dead. Setlists never disappoint, as this band has a huge catalog of insightful and danceable originals that will satisfy even the most critical music fans. Dyer Weed is currently touring all over the tri-state area, while working on their debut studio album. You can hear Dyer Weed live tracks on several radio stations in NJ and CT.



    Guta transcends most genres drawing from icons such as the Beatles, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, and the Grateful Dead, producing a groove and vibe of their own that does not allow you to sit still. Teddy Sablon, a true prodigy, has his own unique vocal style as well as incredible musicianship. Ted can hold his own on stage with any musicians performing today! PJ Donahue has a thumping, swirling bass style inspired by his idols Victor Wooten and Les Claypool. PJ lays down a bass line that puts the incredible "groove" in groove rock. Christian "Swine" Mara with his hard rock roots can drive the rock, punch the funk or simply add tasty fills with an ever present, steady meter. There are few bands touring today that can rival Guta when it comes to musicianship, performance and overall crowd appeal. The musicianship of this trio is only exceeded by Sablon's prolific songwriting. A breath of fresh air in a cookie cutter musical age!


Fourth River

Influenced by jam giants and coupled with admiration of jazz, seventies R&B, and funk, Fourth River creates an eclectic, unique and original style of music. After releasing 2 albums and playing together for 5+ years, Fourth River has made a favorable impression on the Pittsburgh and outlying area music scenes.


Four instruments, two dynamic voices, and a record of relentless touring have earned virtuosic indie-groove rock duo the StereoFidelics their reputation as a superb, high-energy live act. Hailing from Asheville, NC. The StereoFidelics are a band that blends mind-bending improvisation and extreme instrumental choreography to deliver an exciting show for both the eyes and ears. By showcasing their multi-instrumental capability, they are able to operate completely as a duet and deliver a full sound. Chris shreds solos and lays down the groove on the guitar, sings lead/harmony vocals, and pounds out synth basslines on a floor keyboard while Melissa contributes lead/harmony vocals, holds down the rhythm on the kit, and throws in string pads and raging violin solos. Extreme touring over the last three years (600 shows, +/-) has given their live show an intense tightness, both technically and emotionally. Dubbed as "one of the best undiscovered live acts on the road" and "more funky, soulful version of The White Stripes" by PopMatters

Chris Padgett’Äìelectric guitar, acoustic guitar, foot-operated synth-bass, vocals

Melissa McGinley’Äìelectric violin, drums, vocals

Pants for Bears

No assumptions can be made about a band with a name like Pants for Bears. But it should be known that being surprised by what happens on stage the 4th time you see the band is normal. They're the kind of band that constructs a 5 foot long blacklight flashlight if they're going to cover Parliament-Funkadelic. In the last year they've not only replaced drummers and built a great light show, but they've even brought on a killer sax player because they thought it would balance well with the theremin. They've never liked the expected, but they do like to keep it dancy for those that want to get down, interesting for those that like to pick apart musicianship, and weird enough to keep everyone guessing.


"The InFormation", a Charleston, WV based band formed in late fall of 2008. Formed originally by lead singer and lead guitarist Curtis Chittenden and drummer Shane Durham, InFormation has gone through a few different lineup changes before they found the sound they were searching for. With bass player Roy Graley added to the mix of this trio, InFormation puts out an enormous amount of sound with amazing grooves and jaw dropping breakdowns that a listener may claim to have only heard from another great 3-piece... Rush.

InFormation has many influences coming from many different styles, which shows in their original material, in that they have no limits within genre. You never know what you will see or hear at an InFormation show. The band plays strictly off feeling and energy combined.

Today you can see InFormation rocking out in many venues in Charleston, WV and surrounding areas every weekend. They are constantly writing new material which keeps fans looking forward to what they might hear at the next show

Folk  by Asoctiaion

Folk By Association

"After ten years of performing as Folk By Association, Karen Krajacic and Jill Cowen have certainly traveled a long and interesting road together. They've now played hundreds of shows in 26 states, gaining a reputation for both their top-notch vocal harmonies and their grassroots approach to working as independent artists.
With intricate harmonies at the forefront, Folk By Association embraces elements of folk, roots, bluegrass, jazz, and world music, weaving these eclectic traditions together in a unique, contemporary way. The duo uses multiple acoustic instruments, switching off between the guitar and mandolin, throwing in a banjo here, a toy xylophone there. Said to be both nostalgic and modern, soothing and energizing, Folk By Association is both a throwback and a surprise."

Pepper Fandango

Pepper Fandango of Charleston WV, delivers a cocktail of garage-folk-blues-rock garnished with a slice of feminine sass. She gives a soulful, gritty vocal delivery as she picks, claws and slaps the banjo, while stomping a snare drum in a wooden box. Her sly, provocative lyrics and catchy melodies make for a distinctive style of songwriting that flirts with the past, mingles with the present, and winks at the listener.



Folk-Rock with an Edge

Whether she is performing in front of thousands at a festival or an acoustic
set in more intimate venues, when Angelique Henle takes the stage, she
captures her audience! From her edgy style to her angelic and incredibly
powerful voice, Angelique's music showcases a perfect chemistry that clearly
resonates with her audience, with songs we can all relate to.

Since her introduction to the piano at age 5, followed by the guitar and
violin, recording artist Angelique Henle fell in love with music. At 16, she
began to pour her passion for life and music into songwriting. She began to
showcase her music at local open mic nights and now she continues to
captivate her audiences everywhere.

Inspired by great artists like Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Alanis Morrisette and
James Taylor, Angelique's beautiful voice, her musical storytelling and
genuine charm have earned her a dedicated fan base which continues to grow
as more people experience her music.

After spending several months in Los Angeles collaborating on a few music
projects including co-hosting a live internet music show for several months,
Angelique is touring across the U.S. to promote her debut album,
"Photograph", preparing to head back into the studio and will be back
co-hosting a new live internet music show starting this Summer!.llll


Steve Johnson

Steven Seth Johnson

    ...howdy. people tell me i play campfire music and it's true that i started picking around fire about 4 years ago in WY. i was borne in elkins town WV in 1985 and since have rambled all over. i keep my eyes half open all the time and don't care much for TV. i write a-lot of my music while running, i even like running through the rain. birds never wear watches and witches don't ride on brooms.

Trista Mabry

Trista Mabry is a true Appalachian American. Originally From Eastern KY she has a groovy blend of rootsy grass with some soul in her song. She has had the pleasure of meeting her two main musical influences, Grace Potter and John Butler while living in Nashville. After releasing her first EP she is now anticipating success from her new tree-yo experience.

Former Champions

And a link to our radio station http://formerchampions.listen2myradio.com/

Former Champions are a modern, high-energy, musical ensemble focused on expressing ideas and emotions through sound and words. Targeting to influence and inspire the human spirit with dynamic groove-based compositions, their music has been described through a multitude of genres including Rock, Funk, World-Beat, Live Electronics, and NuJazz. Within this varied genre approach, the music combines tightly composed and adventurous passages with in-the-moment improvisation. Despite the genre bending output, FC does indeed have a sound that is instantly identifiable and unique to themselves. But, there ability to transform and shape this sound to fit the surroundings and setting of each venue is what sets them apart.

2011 looks to be an exciting year for Former Champions as they gear up to play festivals like Amberland, Camp Bisco X, Camp Barefoot 5, FloydFest X, Nomadic Roots, MikeAid, Highland Jam and more, in support of their debut, self-titled studio album. Tune into Champs Radio to listen to the album (go to www.formerchampions.net) , or check out their growing catalog of free multi-tracked live shows available for download in Flac, Ogg Vorbis, and VBR MP3 formats (Live Music Archive - Former Champions)

FC have recently shared the stage with Lotus, Perpetual Groove, Tea Leaf Green, EOTO, Toubab Krewe, John Brown's Body, Zappa Plays Zappa, Deer Tick, Telepath, The Hackensaw Boys, Brother's Past, Conspirator, U-Melt, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sci Fi, Big In Japan, Jounce, mewithoutyou, Biodiesel, Indobox, Papadosio, Stushido, Basshound, Turbine, The Mantras, and The Bridge among others.

Former Champions continue forward with inspired energy and a dynamic presence ready to unleash their sound into the atmosphere.



Primal Ecstatic Drumming, Wall of Sound, Performance Art, Electronica meets the Stone Age. All describe a part of it without capturing the essence of LVZ. With a live show revolving around free form drumming and dancing, fire performance, and a heavy dose of sonic effects, LVZ is the most original "band" you never imagined.

Vicki Kerestes

Steel Town Fire

Vicki Kerestes of Steel Town Fire has been devoted to fire performance art since 2009. Starting off as a poi-based performer, she quickly became interested in other forms of fire art after joining the Pittsburgh Fire Arts community. As her career has flourished, she has taken a hand in educating community members, assisted with staging and choreography development for several productions and she has taken initiative in building customized fire tools, such as sparkle poi, fire headdresses and other fire-based implements. Her stage presence emphasizes the significant bond she creates while manipulating various fire instruments. Put simply, she has a compelling relationship with poi. Together they form stunning visuals and create a sense of meditative solace that embodies strength, balance and energy, allowing her career to thrive and enabling her to further educate the community about her passion.