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We literally get hundreds of musician inquiries each year and we listen to each one. It's extremely difficult, yet we try to choose the best, relatively unknown bands we can find. Our friends and guests expect each High Land Jam to be different, yet one thing that stays the same is the quality of the music. Some bands come back, but we always have new bands each year. It's like a reunion of musicians. If you wish to play the High Land Jam, please submit through Sonic bids. It's a lot easier on us to hear you. Almost all of our bands are from Sonic Bids. Bands are listed by confirmation date only. See you on the farm!



10 Year Birthday!
has played around the block a time or two. Placing second in Relix's Jamoffs, ZEN also took away Phish's "longest continuous jam by a Jamband" award by beating Phish's legendary 7hr and 46 minute record by playing for 20 hours. Known on the Jamband scene, ZEN has played around the East Coast for years.

Former Champions

And a link to our radio station http://formerchampions.listen2myradio.com/

Former Champions are a modern, high-energy, musical ensemble focused on expressing ideas and emotions through sound and words. Targeting to influence and inspire the human spirit with dynamic groove-based compositions, their music has been described through a multitude of genres including Rock, Funk, World-Beat, Live Electronics, and NuJazz. Within this varied genre approach, the music combines tightly composed and adventurous passages with in-the-moment improvisation. Despite the genre bending output, FC does indeed have a sound that is instantly identifiable and unique to themselves. But, there ability to transform and shape this sound to fit the surroundings and setting of each venue is what sets them apart.

2011 looks to be an exciting year for Former Champions as they gear up to play festivals like Amberland, Camp Bisco X, Camp Barefoot 5, FloydFest X, Nomadic Roots, MikeAid, Highland Jam and more, in support of their debut, self-titled studio album. Tune into Champs Radio to listen to the album (go to www.formerchampions.net) , or check out their growing catalog of free multi-tracked live shows available for download in Flac, Ogg Vorbis, and VBR MP3 formats (Live Music Archive - Former Champions)

FC have recently shared the stage with Lotus, Perpetual Groove, Tea Leaf Green, EOTO, Toubab Krewe, John Brown's Body, Zappa Plays Zappa, Deer Tick, Telepath, The Hackensaw Boys, Brother's Past, Conspirator, U-Melt, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sci Fi, Big In Japan, Jounce, mewithoutyou, Biodiesel, Indobox, Papadosio, Stushido, Basshound, Turbine, The Mantras, and The Bridge among others.

Former Champions continue forward with inspired energy and a dynamic presence ready to unleash their sound into the atmosphere.

Tom Batchelor

While in graduate school at West Virginia University, Tom formed Rasta Rafiki with several other musicians. Sharing guitar duties with John Schmitt, he contributed significantly to many of the songs that encompassed their 3 releases. Rasta Rafiki combined island styles and Americana for an original mix. In 1991 this endeavor became a steady job for each of us with 3 full length releases and 175 touring dates a year we performed from Massachusetts to Florida and west to Colorado. Rafiki went their separate ways in January of 1997, at which point Tom became a member of The Recipe.

In November 1999, he parted ways with The Recipe, and joined forces with some of Morgantown's most accomplished musicians to form The Tom Batchelor Band. The band consists of Tom Batchelor on guitar and vocals, Glenn Perlroth on keyboards, Jon Vehse on bass, Chris Ramey on guitar and vocals, Glenn Rowsey on steel drums, and Steve Markle on drums.

Each member brings many years of experience on their instrument, and extensive knowledge of wide ranging musical styles to the band. The core of what the Tom Batchelor Band does consists of reggae and rock covers, as well as originals from these and other genres. The band regularly perform songs from diverse performers such as Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Max Romeo, Bad Brains, The Rolling Stones, and Toots and the Maytals. Tom's original compositions range from straight forward rock and funk, to reggae and island romps. Live they enjoy exploring all the realms of improvisational possibilities within the song structures, delving into genres as diverse as jazz, ska,and country.



Welcome to HEADGROOVE... a funky, soulful, high-energy band that makes you want to get up and dance the night away! Even people in their seats feel the vibe and find themselves bopping their heads and tapping their feet to the rhythm. Unless your a die hard head-banger or country fanatic, you can't help but be mesmerized by the soulful vocals, intricate musical weavings, and smooth delivery of this eclectic and unique group. Predominantly funk/soul, with overtones of 1970's classic rock, acid jazz, dance, and electronica, the music has something to offer that almost everyone can relate to. With a host of over 40 original songs and a smattering of choice, juicy covers, Headgroove is a band for all occasions - private parties, festivals, bars/clubs, charitable events and more.
    Started by (and featuring) Evan Neva - on keyboards, vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica, flute, trumpet and more. Using a loop-machine to "layer up" each song, Evan delivers the sound of a full band by himself. Aside from some of the drums, all of the music is performed live on stage. A few instruments including drums and bass are performed on the keyboards.
    All in all, Headgroove really delivers! Relentlessly pouring their hearts into every performance, they are a consummate crowd pleaser. Come on out and feel the groove!


Tuscarawas River Band

Ten Year Reunion

The Original Tuscarawas River Band is a family band formed in 1999 in Nacogdoches, TX. 

Between 1999 and 2003, The Tuscarawas River Band toured the US spreading their positive message to venues such as the Colorado's Rico Theater and Telluride Bluegrass Festival, the Agora Theater in Cleveland, OH, the Second Annual Elkhenge Music Festival w/ the late Vassar Clements, a late night show at the 2002 New Orleans Jazz Festival, and an opening show for Santana at the prestigious Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH.

Backed by three part harmonies, a powerful, versatile rhythm section, funky bass lines, soaring fiddle leads, earthy bluegrass rhythms, and the explosive crunch of electric blues guitar, the original TRB tunes were labeled Rocky Mountain funkgrass.

Their songs are the soundtrack of the times they spent on the road together, and the wild and crazy river folk that joined them along the way. 

After 3 years of solid living on the road, the original lineup disbanded in 2002. 

2012 marks the year of their reunion. A time to celebrate the past and make plans for the future. 

The Original TRB consists of: 
Jamie McCahill
Corey McCahill
Brian Johnson
Hilary Murray
Jesse Cravens

bones weedsley

Bones Weedsley

    ...Formed late in 2008 in NJ, Rich Plumpton brought the members of several Clinton/Pattenburg based bands together in an informal environment to play and jam the music they love. All of the musicians are extremely skilled on their instruments, and have many years of experience playing a variety of styles, but BW is a labor of love.The reaction of the audience at the first show was extremely positive, and they decided to take it to a somewhat serious level. Gigs were booked, and fans (now known as "Boners") were won over. As stated before, all of the members come from diverse musical backgrounds which gives their jams an interesting twist and direction. The name "Bones" Weedsley was taken as a somewhat distorted combination of the other bands that the members are involved with.
BW includes members of "Dyer Weed", "Jam-Bone", "Slee" and "Alligator".
A fictional character, Chesterwood "Bones" Weedsley was created to represent the nomadic and unpredictable musical journeys that BW embarks upon.
You can find the "Bones" Weedsley group on Facebook for additional information and fan feedback


Four instruments, two dynamic voices, and a record of relentless touring have earned virtuosic indie-groove rock duo the StereoFidelics their reputation as a superb, high-energy live act. Hailing from Asheville, NC. The StereoFidelics are a band that blends mind-bending improvisation and extreme instrumental choreography to deliver an exciting show for both the eyes and ears. By showcasing their multi-instrumental capability, they are able to operate completely as a duet and deliver a full sound. Chris shreds solos and lays down the groove on the guitar, sings lead/harmony vocals, and pounds out synth basslines on a floor keyboard while Melissa contributes lead/harmony vocals, holds down the rhythm on the kit, and throws in string pads and raging violin solos. Extreme touring over the last three years (600 shows, +/-) has given their live show an intense tightness, both technically and emotionally. Dubbed as "one of the best undiscovered live acts on the road" and "more funky, soulful version of The White Stripes" by PopMatters

Chris Padgett–electric guitar, acoustic guitar, foot-operated synth-bass, vocals

Melissa McGinley–electric violin, drums, vocals


Acoustic Burgoo

The Acoustic Burgoo was formed in the year 2006 inspired by some bluegrass jams, a cup of tea, a recipe book, and a leather hat. Growing up in quasi-rural suburb of Washington DC, the Burgoo got their performance roots at low-down local bars and festivals. It was clear that even before the release of their first album, The Salem Sessions, this quartet of mischievous kids were going to have a bright future in the new acoustic scene. Before any of the members were old enough to buy a beer they were opening for influential acts like Larry Sparks, Ralph Stanley, and The Seldom Scene and taking the stage at Floydfest and Watermelon Park. Now college students, the Burgoo is hard at work on their second album together, touring on breaks and developing their distinct soulful sound. They all still very much enjoy bluegrass jams and tea. We are proud to announce we made it through the Great Thank You List Debate of 2009 and have come out happy on the other side. "You'll never hear this band on the radio." -guy at the Horseshoe Curve who was wearing a leather hat ..


"The InFormation", a Charleston, WV based band formed in late fall of 2008. Formed originally by lead singer and lead guitarist Curtis Chittenden and drummer Shane Durham, InFormation has gone through a few different lineup changes before they found the sound they were searching for. With bass player Roy Graley added to the mix of this trio, InFormation puts out an enormous amount of sound with amazing grooves and jaw dropping breakdowns that a listener may claim to have only heard from another great 3-piece... Rush.

InFormation has many influences coming from many different styles, which shows in their original material, in that they have no limits within genre. You never know what you will see or hear at an InFormation show. The band plays strictly off feeling and energy combined.

Today you can see InFormation rocking out in many venues in Charleston, WV and surrounding areas every weekend. They are constantly writing new material which keeps fans looking forward to what they might hear at the next show


Hilary Murray

   Hilary Murray began playing music at the age of 6. Piano was first, followed by the violin at 8, then the guitar, mandolin, and finally the cello. Throughout the years, Hilary has traveled from coast to coast playing classical to country, metal to jazz. Fourteen years after leaving Cache Valley, Utah, Hilary is back in her home town of Logan, UT, quietly writing her own songs. No band, no fuss, just Hilary...actually many Hilaryies. Enjoy!


Tenney & Maynard

 JB Tenney:
From aggressive slap and tap guitar, to soft easy melodic tunes. Not just instrumental music, his shows are also layered with soulful vocal songs as well. JB's influences range from Michael Hedges to Duran Duran, all wrapped up in a new package! Check out his latest CD, "Far From Home", for a primer on his unique approach to acoustic guitar and looping.

Seth Maynard:
Seth Maynard's years of training at Berklee College of Music are evident in his skillful and colorful guitar stylings. He performs as many as 150 shows each year at various regional venues and serves as Adjunct Music Faculty at Davis & Elkins College. He also owns and operates Lone Wolf Productions where his recording/producing credits are numerous. Seth's latest CD release, "Osmosis", features his guitar playing and songwriting in a modern jazz/fusion instrumental context.

Tenney & Maynard:
Seth & JB (Tenney & Maynard) have combined forces to bring audiences a creative mix of jazz, folk, rock and improvisational guitar music that leans heavily on both of their influences. They have released the CD "Dichotomized " as a duo.

soul strippa


SoulStrippa is a funk band formed by musicians who attended high school together in Buckhannon, West Virginia.  A conglomeration of members from various Bucktown bands, SoulStrippa is united by a mutual love of funk, soul, and jazz music. The Highland Jam lineup features Rick Miller, Bryce O'Loughlin, and Pierson Keating.

Folk  by Asoctiaion

Folk By Association

"After ten years of performing as Folk By Association, Karen Krajacic and Jill Cowen have certainly traveled a long and interesting road together. They've now played hundreds of shows in 26 states, gaining a reputation for both their top-notch vocal harmonies and their grassroots approach to working as independent artists.
With intricate harmonies at the forefront, Folk By Association embraces elements of folk, roots, bluegrass, jazz, and world music, weaving these eclectic traditions together in a unique, contemporary way. The duo uses multiple acoustic instruments, switching off between the guitar and mandolin, throwing in a banjo here, a toy xylophone there. Said to be both nostalgic and modern, soothing and energizing, Folk By Association is both a throwback and a surprise."

Pepper Fandango

Pepper Fandango of Charleston WV, delivers a cocktail of garage-folk-blues-rock garnished with a slice of feminine sass. She gives a soulful, gritty vocal delivery as she picks, claws and slaps the banjo, while stomping a snare drum in a wooden box. Her sly, provocative lyrics and catchy melodies make for a distinctive style of songwriting that flirts with the past, mingles with the present, and winks at the listener.

Good Vittles

Good Vittles & Co.

Good Vittles & Co. are a high-energy, five piece string band that take notes from classic sounds with a modern twist, covering a wide variety of music including old covers and new originals. Formed in the spring of 2012, they came together from many different places and walks to make sweet sounds here in the mountains of West Virginia. Featuring Christi Grace on lead vocals and ukulele, Brian Lasinski on guitar and vocals, Rick Miller on bass and vocals, Mark Buterbaugh on dobro, and Nery Arevalo on percussion, The Vittles know how to get any foot tapping whether young or old. They also love to jam with anyone who has a passion for music, and have been known to bring in various guest features including Andy Wilmoth, and many other fine musicians. Keep an ear open for these guys!


Steve Johnson

Steven Seth Johnson

   Born and raised in Elkins WV for 27 years. Been picking songs to feel good. Songs talk to you, tell you a story about my life and yours. Mark was the first person to teach me guitar and Bonnie found me a voice. I would like to play for you and maybe give you a smile. Listen up if you like and I'll see you around.

Stevie Johnson
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Kaia Kater-Hurst

One of the youngest performers in the Canadian folk community, this 18 year-old Montrealer plays the banjo, sings and has her own unique take on Old Time music. Kaia is an eclectic traditionalist, and thanks to her youth and her showmanship, she engages audiences with music that most people her age have heard about.

Working with Toronto producer/musician Chris Bartos (Jonathan Byrd, Barr Brothers, Sarah Harmer) Kaia released her debut EP in February 2012, and is working on a full-length album  for release in 2013.