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We literally get hundreds of musician inquiries each year and we listen to each one. It's extremely difficult, yet we try to choose the best, relatively unknown bands we can find. Our friends and guests expect each High Land Jam to be different, yet one thing that stays the same is the quality of the music. Some bands come back, but we always have new bands each year. It's like a reunion of musicians. If you wish to play the High Land Jam, please submit through Sonic bids. It's a lot easier on us to hear you. Almost all of our bands are from Sonic Bids. Bands are listed by confirmation date only. See you on the farm!



14 Year Reunion!
ZEN is an eclectic mix of musical genres brought together by four talented individuals who have played together for over ten years. The band has shared stages over the years with Blues Traveler, Keller Williams, Sam Bush, Rat Dog, Little Feat, and the Derek Trucks Band. With literally hundreds of shows under their belt, ZEN toured the East coast of the United States extensively between 2002-2007, culminating a half decade of music with the "All Together" tour at Snowshoe Mountain, where the group broke Phish's "longest continuous jam by a Jam band" – a 7hr and 46 minute record – with their legendary 20 hours of continuous music!

The Greens

The Greens: playing together for nearly ten years, name and sound recognition have taken root. At all types of venues, they nurture a solid reputation of good music and good times.

With Andrew Tuck (guitar and lead vocals) Ben Sweeney (bass and vocals) and Nathan Yoke (drums, percussion and vocals) this experienced outfit plays more than 100+ shows a year. Writing original songs that audiences can feel and relate to, the Greens constantly impart new quality material. They guarantee consistent delivery of electrifying performances. Crowds cannot help but dance and make magic happen! A crop of devoted fans is sure to grow wherever the Greens take the stage.
The Greens! How can music taste so delicious?!



bones weedsley

Bones Weedsley

    ...Formed late in 2008 in NJ, Rich Plumpton brought the members of several Clinton/Pattenburg based bands together in an informal environment to play and jam the music they love. All of the musicians are extremely skilled on their instruments, and have many years of experience playing a variety of styles, but BW is a labor of love.The reaction of the audience at the first show was extremely positive, and they decided to take it to a somewhat serious level. Gigs were booked, and fans (now known as "Boners") were won over. As stated before, all of the members come from diverse musical backgrounds which gives their jams an interesting twist and direction. The name "Bones" Weedsley was taken as a somewhat distorted combination of the other bands that the members are involved with.
BW includes members of "Dyer Weed", "Jam-Bone", "Slee" and "Alligator".
A fictional character, Chesterwood "Bones" Weedsley was created to represent the nomadic and unpredictable musical journeys that BW embarks upon.
You can find the "Bones" Weedsley group on Facebook for additional information and fan feedback


The 19th Street Band

If "The 19th Street Band" could be summed up in a phrase, it would be “old school”.  From their folk instruments (upright bass, fiddle, and acoustic guitars), to their approach to music and performance, "The 19th Street Band" has followed the traditions of The Carter Family and The Kingston Trio while also integrating modern elements of Americana, Country, and Rock ‘n Roll. "The 19th Street Band" has built its fan base the old school way, one fan at a time. They play hundreds of shows a year, from backyard BBQ’s to honky-tonks to amphitheaters. Every time they play, their music and energy connects with a new person in the crowd.


Beggars Clan

Beggars Clan is Charleston, WV's premier funky reggae band. The band is known for their original music with meaningful lyrics, infectious grooves, and amazing jams. Beggars Clan is currently a 7 piece act with 2 guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, auxiliary percussion and horn instruments. Their unique style makes for a different show every time. Beggars Clan's skill of improvisation make their jams extremely energetic and unpredictable leaving the listener wanting more. 


The rock band SHADRACH began their rise in popularity through clubs and concerts in the North-Central WV and East Coast regions where they quickly gained notoriety for their live performances and well-orchestrated rock songs. SHADRACH has performed as the headliner act and opened for national touring bands such as Blackfoot, Foghat, Pat Travers, Dixie Allstars, Brittney Fox, Rick Derringer and Bo Bice of American Idol fame to name a few.

Known for their ability to perform complex arrangements with strong rhythmic riffs, soulful lead vocals and rich harmonies, SHADRACH has captured audiences in every venue of the regional music scene.  SHADRACH's debut CD title song "Captured" with its strong, pulsating rhythm and vocals demonstrates SHADRACH's strength in musical composition, arrangement and performance.




InFormation is a 3 piece Rock 'N' Roll group from Charleston, WV. If you think that Rock 'N' Roll music may be dying off, you need to see an InFormation show and have your Rock 'N' Roll spirits re-lifted! InFormation brings everything you need for a Rock 'N' Roll show; mind melting guitar solos, killer guitar riffs, 9 string basses, 7 string basses, drum solos, catchy lyrics, and most of all a real good time. 


Bat's Dynamic String Band
Bat's Dynamic Strings Band, formed late 2011, is on pace to do great things ! This is a hard working band yet they seem to connect effortlessly with people everywhere they go. Having played over 100 shows already in a very short time span, they have gained popularity quickly. This group covers a genera bending an array of music spanning hippy-friendly, folksy, grassy rock, acoustic jam music, classic covers and original material with the occasional country tune thrown into the mix. In short, you just wont know what to expect from this group! For High Land Jammers, the best part about this group is Leaf -- a Pegasus Farm Family member!

Bat's Dynamic String Band


Half Time String Band

The Halftime String Band has entertained audiences throughout the Appalachian region, and as far away as Alaska, with their unique blend of acoustic Americana music. Often described as "jam grass", the band's music covers a wide array of musical styles, including original compositions and unique arrangements and medleys. A Halftime show brings audiences to their feet and puts smiles on their faces.

Half Time String Band

Nameless in August

Nameless in August is a high energy folk rock quintet featuring everything from banjo to bass, to bootstomps and booze.  NiA performs hours of original music interwoven with spins on familiar covers. Thoughtful melodies and lyrics leave you connected while fun, up-beat organic grooves keep the crowd movin'. Formed 3 years ago, NiA is a native to the old steeltown of Pittsburgh, PA. The group feels at home playing everywhere from festivals to local venues around the US. With the release of their debut studio album in 2014, NiA is preparing to hit the road and spread their soundwaves to a venue near you.For more info, schedule, videos, and free streaming of the full album, check out: http://www.NiA-music.com and www.facebook.com/namelessinaugust

Dennis McClung Blues Band 

It's about playing music with Passion and having fun while we're doing it!
The Dennis McClung Blues Band cuts through the genre clutter like a hot knife through butter. Combining powerfully poignant blues and razor-honed guitar with driving cool passion!

Allegheny Ramblers

The Allegheny Ramblers came to existence by the coincidental meeting of members Leon “Burt” Hart, Travis Holliday, Ryan Spangenberg, and Robbie Mann at the crossroads of Glenville, West Virginia. Through a shared appreciation for traditional Bluegrass, Folk, Old-time music and beyond, they have been performing for two years as a four-piece string band wandering the rolling hills of the Allegheny Mountains. Each member has accomplished over a decade of musical studies and continues to enthusiastically learn about the musical history and content of the eastern United States.

Karen Krajacic

Karen Krajacic

Leader of the harmony-driven duo Folk By Association from 2000-2012, Karen Krajacic is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, NJ-native, VT-resident, and Highland Jam frequent flyer. In May of 2013, she released "The Solace EP", a collection of 5 new songs plus a bonus track- the rerecording of fan-favorite "Penny in a Jar", which she wrote in 1999 and included on FBA's 2003's self-titled debut. Praised by Seven Days VT as "contemporary folk goodness", the EP has "a notable pop influence... while maintaining rootsy appeal" -read the entire review at www.7dvt.com/2013karen-krajacic-solace-ep . Most recently Karen has added an unconventional Grateful Dead tribute duo/trio to her VT musical landscape, so Highland Jammers can expect to hear new originals, FBA throwbacks, offbeat covers, and selections from the Dead's eclectic songbook! More info at http://www.reverbnation.com/karenkrajacic .

Good Vittles & Co.

Good Vittles & Co. are a high energy, ever evolving band that offers a wide variety of original music and genres ranging from old-school R&B, Soul, Funk, Folk, Modern Rock and Jazz. The Vittles also enjoy including featured guest artists regularly to their Company, all with a Bluesy Vibe and a Spirit of Fun and Jive! They came together in the spring of 2012 from many different paths to make sweet sounds in the mountains of West Virginia and Beyond!!

Steve Johnson

Steven Seth Johnson

   Born and raised in Elkins WV for 27 years. Been picking songs to feel good. Songs talk to you, tell you a story about my life and yours. Mark was the first person to teach me guitar and Bonnie found me a voice. I would like to play for you and maybe give you a smile. Listen up if you like and I'll see you around.

Stevie Johnson

Sirkus Dayz

Artists in Everything we do! We paint, We Draw, We Glow! We Dance with Fire* Lights We Hang in the Air! Costume Design, Acro Yoga, We ♥ making Art for YoU!

We a troupe of Independent Artists located in Western Pennsylvania, and Eastern Ohio of all ages with various backgrounds including Theater, Film, Music, Fashion Design, Electronic Engineering, Acrobatics, Dance, Object Manipulation, and more …

We are an all-terrain performance troupe bringing all of our unique talents together and lighting them on fire for your enjoyment. We are fully insured for both indoor and outdoor events.

Our repertoire of performance “props” include both Fire, Led, and Fire-Led combinations.
Hula Hoops of all sizes, Poi of many styles, Flags, Fans, Staffs, Jump Rope, Parasol. We have a flaming squeaky horn in our prop box, we juggle, eat, and breathe fire. We can shoot a rainbow of sparkles ten feet in any direction. Custom props for any themed event available, artists in everything we do, textile and presence can be added to any of our props upon request.